Party American style

Party American styleAs we know from numerous American cinema, devoted to the topics of youth parties, the most fun and interesting are held in the beautiful years of study at colleges or universities. For one night you can feel like the students of the Universities of the USA and to plunge into unbridled joy in his apartment, in the style of “while parents are not home”. For better penetration into the atmosphere of the American Party recommend you to start to see blockbusters such as “King of parties”, “the Hangover” and of course “American pie.” Some of them could learn a variety of contests, food, invitations. Continue reading

The party in the style of Las Vegas

The party in the style of Las VegasTired of boring and monotony of everyday life? The soul requires variety and fun? Then it is time for a party, but not simple, and thematic. And what’s even better the party will be in the style of Las Vegas. So this pastime will not make you bored. Moreover, this party will be a great surprise for your guests. Don’t know what to think of a reason to party? Easy: birthday, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate. If you want to have a party at home, a good reason will serve as a round date with anyone since you moved into this apartment, you can also come up with something humorous.
The script style party Las Vegas

Actually holding such a party will not require huge costs, as it may seem at first glance. If you do everything correctly, you can achieve stunning success with the guests, having spent a minimum of means. Continue reading

The party in the style of Superheroes

The party in the style of SuperheroesHow to organize a party in the style of Superheroes?

And so, where to start cooking for the party? The first thing to do is to make a to-do list: determine the number of guests and the venue for the party, decorate the venue, to make invitations, to disassemble the characters, design the costumes, come up with a menu, entertainment. In General, cares and troubles are many, but if you think of everything in advance and prepare – your party will be unforgettable.

The list of invited guests to a party in the style of Superheroes

Whom to invite to the party of superheroes? Of course, best friends. If among them there are people who, to put it mildly, the characters do not resemble, it will be the perfect occasion to feel strong and Almighty, look at yourself with different eyes, to believe in themselves. Continue reading

Party Mafia

Party MafiaDesign space for a party

The first thing to consider, of course, the scenery. The task is difficult: to turn a plain flat (house, room, office) in Paradise mafia — mysterious Sicily. For that, you should decorate the room with flowers. Perfect vine (can be artificial), olive branches, orchids. On the walls you can hang black and white photos.

In the room must be dim, so on Windows it is better to hang heavy curtains. If space allows, arrange for a room small round tables, which are randomly spread out deck of cards, ashtrays, chips, place the bottles of expensive alcohol (as an option, labels can be re-stick). Continue reading

The party in the style of the Oscars (Hollywood)

The party in the style of the Oscars (Hollywood)The parties in the style of the Oscars

The organization of cinematic Hollywood party is a fun job. If correctly to organise an event, it will justify the invested power to carry it out. Your invited guests will be delighted with the holiday. This scenario is suitable for almost any event. It will be interesting to all the assembled guests, among all the invitees there are fans fans new and old movies.

Participation in competitions will be exciting and interesting for all.


Start to collect guests need to send them invitations. The invitation can be pass on the movie, the image of a bag of popcorn, a promotional poster for the film. To sign the invitation card for the guests needs, putting in identification of the “Hollywood sign” is his dress code. Guests are invited to the Oscars, another MTV movie special, or for a party movie. Continue reading

Hat party

Hat partyHat party can be organized for people of all ages – from toddlers and Teens to fully adult. In addition, such a party will not require too much effort to create the image, after all, to buy or to make the hat much easier than a whole suit. Another advantage of the party hat is no binding to any one style of music and a particular venue. Party hats can be performed in restaurants and clubs, and on the nature and dachas.

So, the theme of the forthcoming party chose, time taken for its preparation. You can in addition to the main “hat” theme to define the style of hats. For example, the party was held at the beautiful scenery outside the city will approach the village, straw hats, hats sporty or even absurd Panama. For the perfect bachelorette party crown hat with a veil or a small romantic hats. If you want diversity, then you can leave the choice of styles of hats completely on the “conscience” of invitees. Continue reading

The party in the style of Moulin Rouge

The party in the style of Moulin RougeSo the party was held in their area, first of all, we need to start with the search space. Due to the fact that the usual colors for the Moulin Rouge are considered to be red, black and gold, the room is better to look as close as possible to these shades because decorate green or blue wall will be somewhat difficult and problematic.

Find entertainment facility in red color, not a problem, because psychologists say that this color is able to awaken the appetite.

The owners of restaurants and clubs, as well as designers and art Directors willing to believe it, and are confirmed in their practice. After color, attention should be paid to the lighting, is there a way to isolate the natural rays of how this can be done effectively and also, what is the level of artificial lighting. The ideal option would be the presence of various reflectors and highlights on different levels. In order to create a sense of semi-darkness and dim the glare. Continue reading